神社の宮司が提供する宿Lodging Run By A Shinto Priestess


In Japan there are a number of lodgings run by buddhist monks, but lodgings run by Shinto priests and priestesses are still rather unheard of. Kagura is one of these rare lodgings and is owned and operated by a Shinto Priestess who rehabilitated an empty home in rural Japan, and this unique lodging offers a program that brings together an experience that provides visitors with the chance to fully immerse themselves in both local shrine and Japanese culture.

About 華蔵KAGURAについて

一棟を貸し切り 心のまま羽を伸ばせますA Lodging That Offers A Chance To Unwind


Kagura is a standard Japanese lodging with two Japanese style rooms (one room consisting of 8 tatami floor mats, and one room with 6 tatami mats). In addition to the Japanese style rooms, there are also two Western style rooms with two single beds and one double bed.
Our facilities are also equipped with two toilets, and the bathroom and toilet are seperate.
The baths at our facility are very spacious, and are able to accommodate both parents and children.
At Kagura, guests are also able to enjoy BBQ cookouts, pizza, and a variety of other meals which is sure to make for an enjoyable stay that’s suitable for families, friends, and even co-workers.

基本情報Pricing and Lodging



The cost for lodging per night is 30,000 yen, and remains the same for up to six guests. However, an additional 2,000 yen will be charged per guest beyond six guests.
The maximum number of guests allowed per stay is 10 guests.
Since our facility is a privately owned home, you will not have to worry about sharing your staying with other people you do not know as you normally would in a hotel.

  • 華蔵KAGURAについて
  • 華蔵KAGURAについて










Greetings everyone,My name is Yuko Nakajima and I serve as the head priestess for shrines located in Togane, Oami Shirosato, Sanmu, and Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture.
Greetings everyone, my name is Yuko Nakajima and that's me in the picture with my pet bird and hydrangea. I am the head priestess who serves the shrines located in Togane, Oami Shirosato, Sanmu, and Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture.

The role of head priest and priestess of Hachiman Shrine is role that has been passed down from generation-to-generation in the Nakajima family, and after I graduated from university I briefly served at shrines in Saitama Prefecture. After my service in Saitama, I returned to Chiba, where I became the 36th member of the Nakajima family to take on the role of head priestess. Since becoming head priestess I have taken over the role of maintaining 36 shrines throughout a region that is continuing to see a declining population.
While I was a student in college I served at a number of different shrines, and I feel that shrines provide way to spiritually enrich the lives of people in the local communities they are located.
Each shrine that I serve at offers something unique, and some shrines are located deep in the mountains and have some truly magnificent wooden sculptures.

Currently I also operate a lodging I call Kagura. Kagura is located in the city of Togane and this is an area that is rich with history and culture, and the origin of the name of my lodging lends itself from this history which I would like to tell you about here.
The name Kagura is based upon the events of the distant past in Togane-Ienoko area. The granddaughter of Emperor Godaigo (reigned as Emperor from 1318 to 1339), Princess Kizo came to this region and she noticed that it had closely resembled Kamakura where her father resided and decided that this land was, “good” and suitable to build a palace on. Since the palace was built by a member of the imperial family (Miyake No Ko in Japanese) the area near the palace was referred to as Miyake No Ko which later became Ienoko. The nearby area also received influence from other members of the imperial family and the neighboring region was named Himeshima derived from Princess Kagura.
It’s from this local history that I derived the name Kagura for my lodging, and in recent years the Ienoko area has seen an increase in vacant homes, and there was a fire a number of years ago that broke out and destroyed some of these empty buildings.
Since this land was once the same land that Princess Kezo saw as good, I wanted to make use of an empty home on this same land as a means to share Japanese culture with the rest of the world. That is why I created this lodging, and I was able to do so with the help and good will of so many people.

Kagura is located in the city of Togane facing the neighboring village of Kujukuri, and has a population of just over 60,000 people. There are buses that run from Tokyo Station, Narita Airport, and Haneda Airport to Togane, which makes it surprisingly easy to access.
In Togane there are a number of old shrines and temples with a deep history and in Yukari Park there is a shrine visited by the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Togane is also known for cherry blossoms, and there is an absolutely beautiful cherry blossom illumination that can be enjoyed at night along Lake Hakkaku.
Togane has many local delicacies worth tasting, such as sushi rolls and neighboring Kujukuri is famous for dishes using sardines called, “Namero” and “Nagarmi.” In addition to these foods, there are many ramen shops  and even a street lined with a number of good ramen restaurants.
But that’s not all, Togane also offers a bounty of fruits, which include strawberry and grape harvests.
Though Togane is not well known, it’s a comfortable place to live and a charming little town.
Also, since Togane’s history is tied in with princesses one can also rent out women’s kimonos and retro style one piece dresses.
Please come visit Kagura, and make it your home away from home.
The visits that I put together for guests are arranged around my work at the shrines I serve, yet I hope to strive to provide a visit that sure to impress.

Please come visit Kagura, and experience something new.

中嶋 祐子 Nakajima Yuko




Experience Shinto And Experience Japanese Culture First Hand
Every season throughout the various regions of Japan offer their own unique festivals and products. We offer a program that gives people the chance to experience activities such as tea ceremonies that coincide with the unique seasonal offerings and festivals in the surrounding area. Please let us know what interests you, and how we can put together a program that is tailored to your interests.



Shrine Tour (In A Traditional Japanese Kimono)

おすすめポイントRecommended points


We offer our guests the chance to tour shrines in full traditional Japanese attire which includes your favorite choice of kimono, sandals, obi (belt), and handbag. We are also able to tailor these tours based on the requests of our visitors.
Our two to three hour shrine tour will feel like a trip back in time as the shrines in our area are very old, and have remained untouched by time since these shrines were first built.
We offer the chance to wear traditional Japanese kimonos, obi sandals while on this tour, and rental for traditional Japanese attire is available till 6:00 p.m. However, we hope you enjoy wearing the Japanese clothes even after the tour is over.



Nightfall experience

おすすめポイントRecommended points


Shinto Event Held At Nightfall ※We will try to arrange this around your visit so you get the chance to enjoy this unique aspect of Japanese culture.
In the evening, Shinto rituals are held at Hachiman Shrine, and after worship, visitors can experience traditional Shinto song and dance. Visitors will be provided with a copy of the lyrics to these songs, and are able to join us in singing these traditional shinto chants.
Please enjoy this one of a kind experience that allows you take part of the mystic of Shinto.



Create Bamboo Lanterns

おすすめポイントRecommended points


Create lanterns using bamboo taken from the local area. In addition to the standard bamboo lantern that guests can make, there is also a very special type of lantern that we call, “Moonlight” that people can make as well. By using the bamboo from the surrounding area we are also able to help clear out and manage the bamboo near our facility.
Guests are free to make the lanterns with whatever design they would like (we can also provide a simple design upon request), and are allowed to make as many lanterns as they like and are only limited by the time available to do so.
Each day we gather the lanterns made and present them to the gods of light at Hachiman Shrine to be blessed. Afterwards our guests are free take these lanterns home as souvenirs.
These lanterns may also be used for the lantern festival that is held at Hachiman Shrine.



Enjoy Cooking Seasonal Foods With The Local Residents.

おすすめポイントRecommended points


When it comes to the local food that Togane is known for, many residents in the area are likely to say it’s the sushi roll, and these rolls are decorated with the image of the legendary Japanese folklore character Kintaro.
The food made by the locals is also healthy, and many of them are quite good at cooking, but they often say their cooking is, “average.” But don’t be fooled, their cooking is very good.
We hope you will have the chance to enjoy cooking with them!



Experience Yoga Under A Sacred Tree

おすすめポイントRecommended points


Depending on the season and the time of the year, Kagura is able to provide guests a yoga program under a sacred tree. On days when it is too cold or there is unfavorable weather, we are able to offer this yoga program at our office.
We hope that you start your day out right with our yoga program.



Chinese Character Name Plate Gift (Limited to Foreign Guests Only)

おすすめポイントRecommended points


For our foreign guests we are able to provide a Japanese name using Chinese characters based on the character and suggestions of our guests. This name card will arrange the calligraphy strokes in an elegant way to create a one of a kind souvenir.
This unique souvenir is placed on colored paper, and is sure to bring back memories of your visit to Kagura.



Get A Chance To Meet The Locals

おすすめポイントRecommended points


Kagura is also able to introduce our guests to a number of different localities and people. Some of the interesting experiences we have to offer in this area include hunting, grape picking, cherry blossom viewing, horseback riding, soba restaurants, izakaya pubs, and a variety of ramen shops for the ramen lovers who come to stay with us.
These are just a few of things you do while visiting us, and there is even more that you can do in the area with the locals while visiting us.
We can also arrange bike rental for our guests (rental fees apply), which allows for our guests to enjoy the local feel of the areas surrounding Kagura.
Please enjoy the local atmosphere, different activities, and tastes the areas around us have to offer while staying at Kagaura.

四季に応じてその季節にだけできる体験、見られる景色もWe Also Provide A Variety Of Other Experiences


The natural bounties of the countryside provide a variety of different experiences for visitors. In the spring one can view the cherry blossoms, and the local area of Togane is often referred to as the, “city of cherry blossoms” which can be viewed along the shores of Lake Hakkaku. Also at this time, one can see the rice being planted in the rice paddies.

During summer there are many festivals, and at night one can see the fireflies lite up the fields. The sea is also nearby and one can go for swim and relax on the beach without having to deal with all the noise and traffic of city.

In fall one can enjoy the flavors of autumn by picking grape and ginkgo, as well as enjoy watching the farmers collect rice in the fields.
Though the winter is rather cold, the winter night skies are offer clear and breathetaking views of the night skies.
Please find your favorite season and place.

他にもさまざまな体験ができます四季に応じてその季節にだけできる体験、見られる景色も 他にもさまざまな体験ができます四季に応じてその季節にだけできる体験、見られる景色も



Can I make reservations with one of your programs at any time?
Everyday I have shrine duties to attend to, so the name a program can be scheduled is dependent upon my availability.
Therefore, please take note of this when making reservations.


What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is from 2:00 p.m. and check-out is at 10:00 a.m.


Are there languages other than Japanese available?
English can be provided with the use of a translation device.


Can my pet stay with me during my visit?
Sorry. Unfortunately pets are not allowed at our facility (exceptions made only for seeing eye dogs).


Can arrangements be made to have someone pick me up at the station?
If you arrive at the stations that are closest to our facility (Gumyo, Togane, Naruto), then it is possible for us to arrange to pick you up at the station. However, please know that we would need to be notified in advance to arrange such a pick up.


Is smoking allowed?
Smoking within our facility is prohibited, but smoking outside is permissible.


Is your facility wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately at this time our facility is not wheelchair accessible.